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Mercury GTX Solo/Tandem

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Performance touring modular kayak. Proven in the roughest conditions of Alaska.  AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 - The Point 65 Mercury GTX 14/18 is a high performance, stable, decked modular touring kayak...


Performance touring modular kayak. Proven in the roughest conditions of Alaska. 

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 - The Point 65 Mercury GTX 14/18 is a high performance, stable, decked modular touring kayak with a large cockpit with which to explore and then take back home in the trunk of your car. Like the recreational versions, the Mercury features the innovative Snap-Tap™ system. The Point 65 Snap-Tap™ technologies are protected under US and European patents.

The 415 cm/ 13’7’’ Mercury GTX breaks apart into three manageable pieces each weighing less than 11 kg/ 24,3 lbs. The 100cm/39’’ nose section fit’s snugly into the cockpit, making for easy storage, for example in the trunk of your car. With an additional midpiece, your Mercury GTX Solo transforms into a 545cm/17’10’’ high performance, expedition tandem. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito, the Mercury is a fun, versatile, high performance touring kayak.

PERFORMANCE KAYAKING - Fast, fun while comfortably stable and straight tracking kayak that snaps apart and re-assembles in only a few seconds making it by far the easiest to carry touring kayak. The rotomolded polyethylene construction provides a combination of strength and impact resistance that most other materials can’t match.
It has plenty of dry storage space with powder dry hatches front and aft. The Mercury GTX 14/18 is a rigid high-performance expedition solo/tandem - touring kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face and which will fit in the back of most cars. It will also fit comfortably in SUV, crossover and minivans with plenty of room to spare.

SOLO, TANDEM, TRIPLE ETC. - ALL IN ONE! No need to buy two kayaks. Snap in the tandem mid-section and your Mercury 14 expedition Solo is transformed into a high-performance Mercury 18 Tandem - so you can bring a friend. Add another midsection and your Mercury becomes a triple and so forth! The record so far? LL. Bean put together a 100-man kayak using the Point65 Tequila! for their 100-year anniversary event. Click here to see the video » Never before has a kayak been so much fun and so easy to own.

ULTIMATE SEAT COMFORT. The Mercury GTX is equipped with an extremely comfortable AIR seat. The AIR seat, with a pneumatically adjustable backrest, gives the paddler an extremely comfortable and perfectly adjustable seating position. The seat covers are made of highly durable and comfortable, honey-comb patterned material in combination with mesh-like fabric
which is laminated and molded over EVA foam.
COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE - The large size of the comfy padded cockpit makes for easy entry and exit and fits any paddler. It is equipped with an ergonomically designed seat with seat and back padding, foot braces, which provide for good leg support, and a comfortable paddling position. Add the fitting spray cover from Point 65 (Point Storm or Point Ocean size XL) and you can enjoy a dry ride even in rough conditions.

The Mercury GTX 14/18 comes fully equipped featuring an efficient ingenious keel rudder skeg featuring the innovative Symmetry skeg system, which allows you to drop the skeg/rudder with tremendously improved maneuverability compared to normal addon rudders which are most common on kayaks. a large aft oval and a round forward hatch creating two accessible watertight compartments for your gear. It also features foot pedals as well as cup holders and a comfortable seat & back pad.


Total Length
  • Solo: 13'6'' / 415cm
  • Tandem: 18' / 551cm
  • 23.6'' / 60cm
  • 13.8'' / 35cm
  • Solo: 55lbs / 25kg
  • Tandem: 77lbs / 35kg
  • Solo: 286lbs / 130kg
  • Tandem: 530lbs / 240kg
  • 33x18'' / 83x46cm (X-Large)
  • MatriX 1-Layer PE
  • Yes
  • Yes, integrated and retractable.
  • Comfort AIR-Backrest
  • Front Waterproof Hatch: 9.5x9.5'' / 24x24cm.
  • Rear Waterproof Hatch: 17.6x10.4'' / 44x26cm.
  • Modular take-a-part.
  • Performance kayaking.
  • Swedish design & engineering.
  • 1- or 2-seater.
  • Symmetry Skeg System
  • Flush Rudder with integrated skeg.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Ships from USA.
Bow Section
  • Length: 46.8'' / 119cm
  • Width: 17.3'' / 44cm
  • Height: 10.2'' / 26cm
  • This section fits inside the front cockpit section.
Front Section
  • Length: 60.2'' / 153cm
  • Width: 23.6'' / 60cm
  • Height: 13.8'' / 35cm
  • This is front cockpit section
Back Section
  • Length: 61'' / 155cm
  • Width: 23.6'' / 60cm
  • Height: 10.2'' / 26cm
Mid Section
  • Length: 55.5'' / 141cm
  • Width: 23.6'' / 60cm
  • Height: 13.8'' / 35cm
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Customer Reviews

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Errore di progettazione

Dopo 2 anni e mezzo di uso frequente ma conforme alle indicazioni di Point, spiace constatare un cedimento del materiale con apertura di crepe e imbarco d'acqua, nel punto di giunzione tra il segmento centrale e quello di coda, dove si scarica il peso del canoista e le flessioni sulla giuntura tra i due segmenti sono notevoli. Qui la struttura andava adeguatamente rinforzata per contrastare le sollecitazioni. Avendo usato il kayak quasi esclusivamente in versione "Solo", ma avendolo acquistato "Tandem", mi chiedo quanto prima si sarebbe verificato questo cedimento se avessi sempre usato il kayak in configurazione doppia, raddoppiando le sollecitazioni in quel punto? Piuttosto deludente la risposta di Point, che si è limitata a rimarcare che la garanzia era scaduta, che una rottura è sempre possibile e inviandomi un tutorial per riparare il polietilene "fai da te". Peccato, perché basterebbe davvero poco per rinforzare quei punti critici della struttura.


Mercury GTX Solo/Tandem

I'm happy

If you must have a modular sit in kayak, this was the best one I could find for the price. Once I learned how to set up the rudder lines (don't go in the water until you understand the correct tightness for you leg length or you may be going round and round the first time out) and the tricks to assembly and disassembly ( hello youtube anyone)? it's a stable kayak that cuts through the water at a nice speed. I absolutely hate it that they only sell red blue and yellow in the US but it's only a color. Haven't tried it in rough waters yet.

Tamara Schroeter
Not perfect, but really good

I've had my Mercury for 5 months now. I love being able to transport it inside my car and being able to move it by myself. It snaps together easily and (with the help of the hack in this video it's easy to take apart, too. I've taken it out in lakes and in an ocean bay on calm days and the skeg makes it track very well. My main complaint is that the skeg has gotten sticky and won't fully drop down by itself anymore. I've tried the fix Point 65 gives in a repair video, but it didn't fix the issue. So now I just manually give it a little tug before I launch and I'm good to go.

Nancy Ribakove

I am extremely disappointed with my Mercury GTX. As a small, but very physically active woman, I intended to use this boat solo on lakes close to home. I cannot go out without company because I am unable to reliably disconnect the modules without help. I can do it in my garage, but on uneven terrain it is sometimes impossible. As I said, I am small. I think my fingers are actually too short to maintain pressure on the release buttons while, simultaneously, separating the modules. I did write to Support and a video link was sent, which was of no help, as it instructed facing in the opposite direction, making it even more impossible for me to disengage the straps. I now have a second problem; the skeg is stuck in the down position. have sent messages on two more occasions asking for help and information but received no answer. Apparently Point 65 has the policy of helping only once. And they have no literature describing proper use, care, adjustment of lines and possible repair instructions or, if they do, they are keeping it a secret.

I am also surprised by the lack of a manual or, at least, more extensive written material on the use and care of the boat. For instance, is there a technique for adjusting the rudder lines? I also now have a stuck skeg which will not retreat into the boat body. I have asked for help on this but received no reply. The wheel, which is supposed to operate the skeg has a button in the middle. Am I supposed to press it WHILE turning the knob or is it some kind of lock mechanism which is pressed or released after the fin is in place.