Nigel Foster GS Paddle


The smooth face and back design of the foam-filled blade are instrumental for precision and control. Design by Nigel Foster. ✔︎ Free worldwide shipping✔︎ Nigel Foster Design✔︎ 100% handmade in carbon...

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The smooth face and back design of the foam-filled blade are instrumental for precision and control. Design by Nigel Foster.

✔︎ Free worldwide shipping
✔︎ Nigel Foster Design

✔︎ 100% handmade in carbon fiber
✔︎ FoamCore

✔︎ 360º angling
✔︎ 205-215cm telescopic length




Blade: Fiberglass foam core
Shaft: Carbon - take-a-part, 2pc
Adjustable angle: 360º
Length: One size
Adjustable telescopic 205cm - 215cm
Weight: 820

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great all around paddle.

I had flown into Stockholm to paddle across the Baltic Sea to Helsinki and the airlines had broken my paddle. I spoke to the folks at Point 65 about my situation and they loaned me a Nigel Foster GS paddle. I felt it was much faster than my previous paddle and and also was more refined allowing me to have more control with less effort. The bigger blade with a shorter shaft was the right combination for an efficient paddle that wasn't fatiguing and surprisingly easy on my shoulders and joints. A few years later and I still love this paddle with its foam core blade that floats to the surface and takes all the work out of long distance paddling.

Deke Miller
Best blade ever for boat dancing

I have used many paddles over the years (Euros, Greenlands, Wings, various hybrids like the Coastal) and there are a lot of paddles that do well overall. This fits in the category of being not just a great overall paddle but also does something better than any other paddle on the market. When it comes to making the boat "dance" (like side slips, cross bow rudders, and other fancy strokes), nothing comes even close. Takes a little while to master but once you do, you will be amazed at how close you can get to Nigel Foster's incredible maneuvering strokes (as seen in his videos).

It is extremely light and is definitely designed for a high angle stroke. It has a tremendous amount of catch which means it will pull a lot of water. When a friend that raced surf skis professionally tried it, he said it was like a Wing paddle and a Euro paddle had a baby. Almost as fast as a Wing paddle without the lose of agility.

Light and maneuverable and yet very fast, it has become my go-to paddle.