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Shop essential kayak safety gear from Point 65 Sweden. Everything you need to stay safe while out on the water in your kayak. Includes throw bags, paddle leashes, safety kits & more! Fast shipping on all in-stock items. 

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        Point 65 Paddle Leash

        Simple safety precaution and handy accessory Smart, easy-to-use paddle leash that does not get in the way of your paddling but could potentially be life essential.If the sea has gotten the...

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        Basic Touring Safety Kit

        Your car comes with lots of safety features, your touring boat doesn't. The NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit gives you four items that you shouldn't boat without - a whistle, paddle...

        Silva Compass 58K

        Kayakers best friend! Small, lightweight and has a unique attachment solution developed for kayaks. The rubber straps with clips attach easily to the deck lines, without any need to drill in...

        Silva Compass 70P

        Recess mount compass designed for kayakers that demand absolute accuracy and a steady card in all conditions. The compass handles unlimited slope of the keel line and a 30º heeling angle. The curved...

        NRS Wedge Throw Bag

        The NRS Wedge Throw Bag is compact, so it fits in any space in your boat - no excuses for not carrying it. Always there for that vital rescue toss! 55'...