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Shop seats, backrests & thigh braces for Point 65 Kayaks. Includes the AIR-SEAT™ & accessories, thigh braces, seats & more! Fast shipping for in-stock items!

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        Air Hand Pump

        Compatible with all Point 65 AIR products:⊳ AIR-Backrest™⊳ AIR-Seat™⊳ Mercury AIR-Seat™⊳ Tequila! GTX AIR-Seat™    


        Air-Backrest™ Ergo-GTX

        Comfortable backrest with inflatable AIR-function. With the help of a hand-pump, you can inflate your AIR-Backrest for optimum support and comfort.Options:⊳COMFORT- Soft and high for best comfort, suitable for touring.Compatible with...

        AIR-Seat Pouch

        Bladder pouches for AIR-Seat System. Select: Backrest Pouch (also standard on Mercury GTX) Thigh Support Pouch Right Hip Pouch Left Hip Pouch    

        Air-Seat™ Complete

        You'll never want to leave the cockpit once you've fitted the Point 65 AIR-Seat in your kayak. ERGONOMICALLY designed with pneumatically adjustable leg-lifter, hip bads, and backrest. First introduced for the XO...

        Backrest Cover for AIR-Seat

        Spare part Cover for Air Seat backrestThe Point 65 AIR-Seat cover fits on below Point 65 models:Five-o-Five GTE, XO11 GT & GTE, XO13 GT & GTE, XO16 GTE, XO17 GTE, Cappuccino GTE, SeaCrusier...

        Composite Seat - Whisky 16

        Composite seat for Whisky-series. COMPATABILITY FOR WHISKY PE - Fits Whisky 16 in 3Layer Plastic PE. Whisky Rocker and Whisky Tourer. FOR WHISKY FG - Fits Whisky 16 in composite. Fiberglass...

        D-Ring (Pair)

        Nylon and stainless steel D-Rings. Used on Tequila! GTX and Rum Runner as attachments for the sit-on-top AIR-Seat.Sold in pairs including screws.Not compatible with previous models Tequila! Compatible with:⊳ Tequila! GTX⊳...

        Falcon Carry Handle

        Standard Carry Handle for Falcon Includes: Neoprene handle. Brackets + screws. Standard setup for Falcon.    

        Kayak Drain Plug

        To drain condensation and equalize pressure in closed sections. Compatible with: Tequila Rum RunnerGemini Mojito Apollo Falcon Seadog

        KingFisher GameChair

        Seat for Kingfisher. Can be raised/lowered using handle underneath the seat. Aluminum frame with high-density mesh cover. Two side-pockets on each side of the seat. Attaches to t-rails using t-bolts (not...

        Mercury GTX Air-Seat™

        The Mercury GTX AIR-Seat™ for installation in other versions of Mercury. This seat is standard in the Mercury GTX-series but can be fitted to all previous versions of Mercury. This product requires...

        Scupper Plug - Large Ø 30mm

        Plug the scupper holes in the cockpit of certain sit-on-top kayaks. Made for: SeaDog KingFisher

        Scupper Plugs (Pair)

        Plug the scupper holes in the cockpit of certain sit-on-top kayaks. Made for: Tequila! GTX

        Seadog/Tequila! GT Backrest

        Solid backrest for Tequila! GT and GTE versions as well as Point 65 HotShot and SeaDog. Easy to mount and comfortable. Gives good back support for great performance and endurance.Mounts into...

        Seat Pad - Martini GTX

        Soft-foam seatpad for Martini. Available in GTX and GT/GTE versions. Differences are design and material based on which version of Martini you have. However, both seat pads are compatible in all...

        Standard Ergo Backrest

        Standard backrest in quick-dry material and anti-friction properties. Options:⊳Small- Height 15cm⊳Large- Height 20cm⊳ With backband - complete attachment system with backband, screws and bungee cord is included.⊳ Without backband - backrest...

        Tequila! GTX Air-Seat™

        The Tequila! GTX AIRSeat is easily clicked onto the D-rings of the Tequila! GTX as well as the Rum Runner SUP. The seat is adjustable as well as inflatable in the...

        Thigh Braces

        Fits Point 65 models: Martini Five-O-Five SeaCruiser Picnic Nemo Can be fitted to Mercury, however the nose section will no longer fit in the cockpit of the front sections. Includes screws...

        Tube Set Air-System™ (For AIR-Seat & AIR-Backrest)

        Set with 1pc rubber & 1pcs plastic tube for AIR products. AIR-Seat & AIR-Backrest. Includes clip & shrink tube.