Shop spare parts for Point 65 Sweden Kayaks. Everything you need to maintain your Point 65 kayak. Including spare & replacement parts for our modular kayaks. Seats, hatches, rudders, pedals, fins, skegs, lines, fittings & more! Fast worldwide shipping on in-stock items. 

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        Snap-Tap™ Ratchet Strap (Pair)

        DESCRIPTION:  Ratchet strap for Point 65 modular kayak. Sold as a pair.Fits all Point 65 modular kayaks and SUPs. Easy mounting into the pre-installed thread on your kayak.The Point 65 Snap-Tap™...

        Snap-Tap™ Low Profile Buckles - Pair

        Low profile buckle for modular kayaks:  Innovative sports-grade buckle attaches to and releases from the strap with ease. Sold as a pairFits all Point 65 modular kayaks and SUPs. Comes complete with...

        Air Hand Pump

        Compatible with all Point 65 AIR products:⊳ AIR-Backrest™⊳ AIR-Seat™⊳ Mercury AIR-Seat™⊳ Tequila! GTX AIR-Seat™    


        Rudder Line

        Globe 5000, 1.7mm line by world-renowned yacht rope maker FSE Robline. Standard issue rudder line on all Point 65 kayaks, sold per meter. The 32-fold braided covering of the Globe 5000...

        Rum Runner Fin

        Complete fin compatible with all models of Rum Runner SUP.The fin is assembled in the package and attaches with a single screw. This fin is a replacement part for our Rum...

        Elastic deck line - Bungee/Shock Cord

        Durable 5,5mm marine-grade bungee cord. Standard fitted on the deck of Point 65 kayaks. Select how many meters in length and desired color when adding the product to your shopping cart.  Sold...


        Rubber Kayak Hatch (Oval)

        Oval tight-sealing rubber hatch made by Point 65. Size #1 fits:Rear hatch: All modells (except SeaCruiser, Jack & Five-O-Five)Front hatch: Whisky 16 3L, XO13, Freya 18, XO17, SeaRover, Whisky 16, DoubleShotSize #2 with slightly different...

        Reflective Deck Cord

        Durable 5,5mm marine grade reflective high visibility deck cord. Standard fitted on the deck of Point 65 kayaks. Select how many meters in length and desired color when adding the product to...


        Seadog/Tequila! GT Backrest

        Solid backrest for Tequila! GT and GTE versions as well as Point 65 HotShot and SeaDog. Easy to mount and comfortable. Gives good back support for great performance and endurance.Mounts into...

        Symmetry Skeg™ Spring

        Spring to force the skeg on the Symmetry Skeg™ System. Includes plastic screw. Download manual or watch tutorial:  » Spring Replacement Manual  » Watch YouTube Tutorial  

        Kayak Drain Plug

        To drain condensation and equalize pressure in closed sections. Compatible with: Tequila Rum RunnerGemini Mojito Apollo Falcon Seadog

        Deckfitting no. 4 + screw 5pcs pkg

        Specifications: Through and through 5mm screwed from above 5pcs per package Screws are included For Tequila!, Martini & Mercury kayaks

        Rudder Pedals

        Rudder pedals with support for your feet as well as adjustable without having to adjust the rudder lines.

        Scupper Plugs (Pair)

        Plug the scupper holes in the cockpit of certain sit-on-top kayaks. Made for: Tequila! GTX

        D-Ring (Pair)

        Nylon and stainless steel D-Rings. Used on Tequila! GTX and Rum Runner as attachments for the sit-on-top AIR-Seat.Sold in pairs including screws.Not compatible with previous models Tequila! Compatible with:⊳ Tequila! GTX⊳...

        Rudder Pedal Slider

        Replacement Pedal Slider for Rudder Pedals To mount on the rudder pedal track and attach the pedal if the pedal slider has snapped.  » Rudder Pedal Slider Replacement Manual Measurements Material:...

        Air-Backrest™ Ergo-GTX

        Comfortable backrest with inflatable AIR-function. With the help of a hand-pump, you can inflate your AIR-Backrest for optimum support and comfort.Options:⊳COMFORT- Soft and high for best comfort, suitable for touring.Compatible with...

        SymmetrySkeg™ Control Unit

        Complete skeg control unit for Point 65 kayaks equipped with the SymmetrySkegSystem™.The unit includes 7 parts: Sleeve Rotor Wheel Spring Attachment button Seal 4 screws

        Rubber Round Day Kayak Hatch (20cm)

        Round tight-sealing rubber hatch made by Point 65. Fits:Front hatch: Martini.Day Hatch: Bourbon 17, Whisky 16 3L, Freya 18, XP 18, Whisky 16, DoubleShot, XO17.Care instructions - Keep indoors during outside temperature below 0°C....

        Tequila! GTX Fin

        Rubber fin including screws for the Tequila! GTX and Tequila! Angler GTX. Can not be fitted on older Tequila! models