New Whisky 16 3L by Nigel Foster!

To mark Nigel Foster’s 10-year collaboration with Point 65 Sweden, Nigel has developed the new Whisky 16 3L, a polyethylene (PE) version of the composite Whisky 16. The layout is similar. Some minor adjustments and improvements were made to compensate for the shift in material. The PE version is, for example, slightly larger in order to keep the same inside dimensions.

The Whisky 16 is made for control around the rocks, and waves, so it makes perfect sense to build it in a really tough material. And it’s not just tough: the very stiff 3-layer polyethylene holds the shape you need for performance! It’s ready to dance!

The Whisky 16 3L has incredible strength and you can really trust it to hold up through hard, choppy seas.”- says Nigel Foster

The design of the Whisky 16 is all about strength and well-defined lines. The hull corners are almost 90 degrees making edging a breeze. The shallow, curved hull deign is the reason why the Whisky can lie steady on choppy seas and isn’t flung around by waves. It’s also great for maneuvering and this has been well retained in the PE version.

”The first thing I did when this one arrived was set it on the ground and walk along the deck to check the stiffness. Then I tried jumping. It’s reassuringly solid! Just what I need for rough water and those awkward landings!” - says Nigel Foster

Another of the Whisky 16’s impressive features is that it caters to all types of paddlers —greatly enjoyed by complete novices, while still being a fantastic choice for experienced paddlers.

”It is the Range Rover of kayaks, it will be comfortable for all the family anytime anywhere, but it will also be able to take you on unimaginable adventures.” - Richard Ohman, founder of Point 65 Sweden.
The Whisky 16 was one of the very last sea kayaks to be reviewed by legendary Sea Kayaker Magazine. Read the full review is available here.

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