Tequila! GTX Angler Solo/Tandem

US$1,459.00 – US$2,389.00

The most versatile sit-on-top fishing kayak! The Tequila! Angler is a modular fishing kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face, transport in the back of most cars,...


The most versatile sit-on-top fishing kayak!

The Tequila! Angler is a modular fishing kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face, transport in the back of most cars, and store under your bed. With the patented Snap-Tap system the Tequila! Angler snaps apart into manageable sections and reassembles in seconds. The Tequila! Angler is a safe, stable, and strong fishing kayak. This 10-foot boat sports a 300-pound weight capacity., yet due to its tracking keel, it still paddles straight as an arrow.

Possibility to go double, triple, and more!
Planning on adding to your flock? No problem, Tequila! GTX Angler is compatible with Tequila! Mid-Section which allows you to transform your Solo into a 14 foot high-performance Tandem. Add a second mid-section and you have lots of carrying capacity and room for whatever fishing gear you want to bring. Or for a third paddler.

Equipped for fishing
The Tequila! Angler is packed with “must-have” features that kayak anglers demand. From lakes to rivers to the open ocean, this boat has no boundaries. The solo and the mid-section alike come equipped with rod holders. Two of which are integrated, flush-mounted behind the seat and one is on a deck mount in front of the paddler. This deck-mounted rod holder can be removed and replaced with any compatible hardware of your liking.

The Tequila! Solo, as well as the mid-section, are equipped with two additional deck mounts to enable the owner to add more rod holders or other equipment.

Ultimate seat comfort
The Tequila! Angler is also be equipped with an extremely comfortable AIR seat.
The AIR seat, with a pneumatically adjustable backrest, gives the paddler an extremely comfortable and perfectly adjustable seating position.

The seat covers are made of highly durable and comfortable honey-comb patterned material in combination with mesh-like fabric which is laminated and molded over EVA foam.

If you are looking for an extremely versatile fishing kayak that is easy to carry, store and transport – this is it!



Total Length
  • Solo: 9'7'' / 295cm
  • Tandem: 13'6'' / 415cm
  • 29.5'' / 75cm
  • 11'' / 28cm
  • Solo: 48.5lbs / 21kg
  • Tandem: 77lbs / 35kg
  • Solo: 265lbs / 120kg
  • Tandem: 530lbs / 240kg
  • No
  • Performance GTX Fin
  • Comfort GTX AIR-Seat™
  • Modular take-a-part.
  • Fitted for fishing
  • Swedish design & engineering.
  • 1- or 2-seater.
  • Cargo space and paddlePark.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
Front Section
  • Length: 65.8'' / 167cm
  • Width: 29.5'' / 75cm
  • Height: 11'' / 28cm
Back Section
  • Length: 65.4'' / 166cm
  • Width: 29.5'' / 75cm
  • Height: 11'' / 28cm
Mid Section
  • Length: 63.4'' / 161cm
  • Width: 29.5'' / 75cm
  • Height: 11'' / 28cm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Air seat

I have the tequila( 2 pieces) and it looks like it has 2 holes for seatpoles but when I ordered the seat it dosnt come with poles and it has straps but the kyak has no place for the hooks on the straps to attach to. How do I attach the air seat thing

Bernard W
Great kayak, but can use your help.

Great kayak, have had many adventures with it, well built. Highly suggested kayak. I do think it should come with or have a built in removable skeg. I added a removable skeg it made a big difference in tracking. I have a question, and my problem is that I have the angler gtx tandem, the rear piece gets water in it after hours on the water, enough to affect performance, I was wondering if anyone have had that problem or any suggestions, I can't figure out how its getting in, the drain hole seal seem to be tight, there are no other holes, I looked at screw inserts on rear skeg it all seem sealed, can't see how that amount of water gets in, it all seem sealed. The mid and front pieces are good, does not get water inside, if you have any suggestions on where the water is coming in from, please suggest. That was my only issue, otherwise great kayak.

James L

Great Kayak...amazingly easy to put together.

Daniel loftis
3rd tandem kayak

Awesome service and shipping.