Mercury GTX Solo/Tandem

US$1,549.00 – US$2,299.00

Performance touring modular kayak. Proven in the roughest conditions of Alaska.  AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 - The Point 65 Mercury GTX 14/18 is a high performance, stable, decked modular touring kayak...


Performance touring modular kayak. Proven in the roughest conditions of Alaska. 

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 - The Point 65 Mercury GTX 14/18 is a high performance, stable, decked modular touring kayak with a large cockpit with which to explore and then take back home in the trunk of your car. Like the recreational versions, the Mercury features the innovative Snap-Tap™ system. The Point 65 Snap-Tap™ technologies are protected under US and European patents.

The 415 cm/ 13’7’’ Mercury GTX breaks apart into three manageable pieces each weighing less than 11 kg/ 24,3 lbs. The 100cm/39’’ nose section fit’s snugly into the cockpit, making for easy storage, for example in the trunk of your car. With an additional midpiece, your Mercury GTX Solo transforms into a 545cm/17’10’’ high performance, expedition tandem. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito, the Mercury is a fun, versatile, high performance touring kayak.

PERFORMANCE KAYAKING - Fast, fun while comfortably stable and straight tracking kayak that snaps apart and re-assembles in only a few seconds making it by far the easiest to carry touring kayak. The rotomolded polyethylene construction provides a combination of strength and impact resistance that most other materials can’t match.
It has plenty of dry storage space with powder dry hatches front and aft. The Mercury GTX 14/18 is a rigid high-performance expedition solo/tandem - touring kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face and which will fit in the back of most cars. It will also fit comfortably in SUV, crossover and minivans with plenty of room to spare.

SOLO, TANDEM, TRIPLE ETC. - ALL IN ONE! No need to buy two kayaks. Snap in the tandem mid-section and your Mercury 14 expedition Solo is transformed into a high-performance Mercury 18 Tandem - so you can bring a friend. Add another midsection and your Mercury becomes a triple and so forth! The record so far? LL. Bean put together a 100-man kayak using the Point65 Tequila! for their 100-year anniversary event. Click here to see the video » Never before has a kayak been so much fun and so easy to own.

ULTIMATE SEAT COMFORT. The Mercury GTX is equipped with an extremely comfortable AIR seat. The AIR seat, with a pneumatically adjustable backrest, gives the paddler an extremely comfortable and perfectly adjustable seating position. The seat covers are made of highly durable and comfortable, honey-comb patterned material in combination with mesh-like fabric
which is laminated and molded over EVA foam.
COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE - The large size of the comfy padded cockpit makes for easy entry and exit and fits any paddler. It is equipped with an ergonomically designed seat with seat and back padding, foot braces, which provide for good leg support, and a comfortable paddling position. Add the fitting spray cover from Point 65 (Point Storm or Point Ocean size XL) and you can enjoy a dry ride even in rough conditions.

The Mercury GTX 14/18 comes fully equipped featuring an efficient ingenious keel rudder skeg featuring the innovative Symmetry skeg system, which allows you to drop the skeg/rudder with tremendously improved maneuverability compared to normal addon rudders which are most common on kayaks. a large aft oval and a round forward hatch creating two accessible watertight compartments for your gear. It also features foot pedals as well as cup holders and a comfortable seat & back pad.


Total Length
  • Solo: 13'6'' / 415cm
  • Tandem: 18' / 551cm
  • 23.6'' / 60cm
  • 13.8'' / 35cm
  • Solo: 55lbs / 25kg
  • Tandem: 77lbs / 35kg
  • Solo: 286lbs / 130kg
  • Tandem: 530lbs / 240kg
  • 33x18'' / 83x46cm (X-Large)
  • MatriX 1-Layer PE
  • Yes
  • Yes, integrated retractable.
  • Comfort AIR-Backrest
  • Front Waterproof Hatch: 9.5x9.5'' / 24x24cm.
  • Rear Waterproof Hatch: 17.6x10.4'' / 44x26cm.
  • Modular take-a-part.
  • Performance kayaking.
  • Swedish design & engineering.
  • 1- or 2-seater.
  • Symmetry Skeg System
  • Flush Rudder with integrated skeg.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Ships from USA.
Bow Section
  • Length: 46.8'' / 119cm
  • Width: 17.3'' / 44cm
  • Height: 10.2'' / 26cm
  • This section fits inside the front cockpit section.
Front Section
  • Length: 60.2'' / 153cm
  • Width: 23.6'' / 60cm
  • Height: 13.8'' / 35cm
  • This is front cockpit section
Back Section
  • Length: 61'' / 155cm
  • Width: 23.6'' / 60cm
  • Height: 10.2'' / 26cm
Mid Section
  • Length: 55.5'' / 141cm
  • Width: 23.6'' / 60cm
  • Height: 13.8'' / 35cm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Perfect! Stable, easy, even for we older women.

I’ve had my Martini for about ten plus years and love it! Being older, my first criteria was stability. I have a double but never use the center section - it’s too bulky to turn fast and isn’t as fun. It’s perfect for this age 70’s woman as I can be totally independent, not needing anyone to help me put it on the top of a car. Fits easily into the back of my Subaru Outback along with golf clubs, luggage, etc. I have discovered that when putting it together, it helps if it’s FLAT. Any slope, especially side to side like on a boat ramp, makes it hard. I carry an old PFD to wedge under it if there is a slope. When taking it apart, the idea is to lift it up, not try to push it apart. That works better and easier. The only hard part is my hands aren’t large... I would not like the sit-on-top at all. The martini has a really comfy, adjustable seat. We go on short women’s camping trips and I can get almost everything inside. A tent, sleeping bag, pad, food, can be a little too much inside but I can strap the few things that don’t fit inside on top. Also great fun to strap on a big light and go for moonlight paddles, too

Fits in our Honda Fit !

This modular solo/tandem fits perfectly into our very small Honda Fit hatchback. BIGGEST attention getter EVER as people watch in awe as we us pull into the dock with our very compact car, unload the modular sections and set up this near 18' beast on the wharf before launch. Takes two to set up and pull apart. Paddles beautifully. The rudder is assertive, hard left or hard right can make it tippy if you're not careful but we just need to be mindful of that. Maybe the rudder lines will relax a bit with use or maybe we'll just get better using it. it's an amazing craft. Would highly recommend. We could have sold 10 of them on Canada's east coast this past weekend.

nice boat

putting it together and taking it apart is not as easy as it looks in the videos, but I am still working on that.

Life changing kayak

I have been kayaking Florida waters since 1993 and I own 6 kayaks. This kayak, by far is my favorite. I can immediately go anytime I want and I do not need assistance from anyone. At first I was nervous about putting it together but it is super fast once you get the hang of it, which is very quick too. I can put together and take apart by myself.

Everywhere I go, people want to know where they can buy one.

Love my new Merkury, but a couple things could make it better

I LOVE how easy this kayak fits into the 5’ bed of my truck. It’s fast and stable! The number one thing I would improve upon is the height of the back of the seat. I am going to try to retrofit a seat back so that I can sit back and relax while paddling. Also, the kayak goes together pretty easily, but I have not mastered taking it apart by myself yet. I also have not learned how to use the rudder yet. It seems to always be askew, one way or the other, and I’m sure that’s more about me than the kayak. I may figure out some way to fix it in one position so it doesn’t move at all. I am currently disabled for a while, until I can get my Lyme disease under control. Having this kayak will give me the ability two throw it in the back of the truck, piece by piece, since I can’t handle putting a yak on the top of my truck by myself right now . Overall, I think it’s going to be a great addition to the two Jackson sit on top kayaks I already have.